Useful SQL scripts to extract replication metadata about articles and columns

Show Articles And Columns For All Publications

Useful PowerShell code to capture sp_helpsubscription output into a table

invoke-sqlcmd -serverinstance PublicationServer -database 'PublicationDatabase' -query sp_helpsubscription -OutputAs DataTables |             
Write-SqlTableData -ServerInstance PublicationServer -DatabaseName DBAMonitoringDB -SchemaName dbo -TableName PublicationDatabasesubscriptions -Force

SQL to extract replication articles information

USE DBAMonitoringDB

select @@SERVERNAME source_server, p.publication publication_name, 'PublicationDatabase' source_database_name, s.article source_table_name,p.Columns source_list_of_columns, 
subscriber destination_server, [destination database], s.article destination_table_name,p.Columns 
destination_list_of_columns  from PublicationDatabasepublications p 
join PublicationDatabasesubscriptions s on s.publication=p.publication and p.article=s.article

PublicationDatabasepublications table extracted through below SQL in above URL Show Articles And Columns For All Publications

USE 'PublicationDatabase'


SELECT syspublications.NAME                AS "Publication",        sysarticles.NAME                    AS "Article",        Stuff((SELECT ', ' + syscolumns.NAME AS [text()]               FROM   sysarticlecolumns WITH (nolock)                      INNER JOIN syscolumns WITH (nolock)                              ON sysarticlecolumns.colid = syscolumns.colorder               WHERE  sysarticlecolumns.artid = sysarticles.artid                      AND sysarticles.objid =               ORDER  BY syscolumns.colorder               FOR xml path('')), 1, 2, '') AS "Columns" FROM   syspublications WITH (nolock)        INNER JOIN sysarticles WITH (nolock)                ON syspublications.pubid = sysarticles.pubid ORDER  BY syspublications.NAME,           sysarticles.NAME;


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