Which SPID is taking most of the tempdb space

Find out the SPIDs taking most of the space in tempdb

SELECT top 10
s.host_name, su.[session_id], d.name [DBName], su.[database_id],
su.[user_objects_alloc_page_count] [Usr_Pg_Alloc], su.[user_objects_dealloc_page_count] [Usr_Pg_DeAlloc],
su.[internal_objects_alloc_page_count] [Int_Pg_Alloc], su.[internal_objects_dealloc_page_count] [Int_Pg_DeAlloc],
(su.[user_objects_alloc_page_count]*1.0/128) [Usr_Alloc_MB], (su.[user_objects_dealloc_page_count]*1.0/128)
(su.[internal_objects_alloc_page_count]*1.0/128) [Int_Alloc_MB], (su.[internal_objects_dealloc_page_count]*1.0/128)
FROM [sys].[dm_db_session_space_usage] su
inner join sys.databases d on su.database_id = d.database_id
inner join sys.dm_exec_sessions s on su.session_id = s.session_id
where (su.user_objects_alloc_page_count > 0 or
su.internal_objects_alloc_page_count > 0)
order by case when su.user_objects_alloc_page_count > su.internal_objects_alloc_page_count then
su.user_objects_alloc_page_count else su.internal_objects_alloc_page_count end desc

Find out the space consumed by internal objects

SELECT SUM(internal_object_reserved_page_count) AS [internal object pages used], (SUM(internal_object_reserved_page_count)*1.0/128) AS [internal object space in MB] FROM sys.dm_db_file_space_usage;

Find out SPIDs generating most of the internal objects

SELECT top 10 session_id, (SUM(internal_objects_alloc_page_count)*1.0/128) AS task_internal_objects_alloc_page_count, (SUM(internal_objects_dealloc_page_count)*1.0/128) AS task_internal_objects_dealloc_page_count FROM sys.dm_db_task_space_usage GROUP BY session_id order by task_internal_objects_alloc_page_count desc, task_internal_objects_dealloc_page_count desc


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